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Sunday, February 13, 2005
Making It big

Nobody said it was going to be an easy task. The main thing is that you beleive in yourself. I am finnally reaching that goal. Let nobody tell you anything you don't need to hear. If they say something they shouldn't, let it come out the other ear, and just walk on by like they don't even exsist.

I've always wanted to make it as a big model in life. I mean come on it's the best job ever! No one is bossy like a regular job and it does reduce stress. All you think about during shoots is how to pose and you have fun with it, and having fun makes the best pictures! I live in a small town called East Prairie. I got let down a lot by the other girls when I was younger. I had friends that wasn't really my friends at all. You know the backstabbing ones. I use to have bad self-esteem, but then I realize you have to beleive in yourself to ever make it in this world. Don't ever let someone tell you that you can't do something or that you're not good enough for it. The only person you are fooling is them. Show them that you can do it, and smile big when you do!!! I am only seventeen and that is the best age to make something happen in my life. I have found three agents, and they are helping me succeed. Dreams aren't just dreams, they are the real thing, they can come to life! These are the ten things that I have learned becoming a model. 1. Beleive in your self. 2. Stand tall, never look down. 3. High heels are friends.:) 4. Have fun while your on shoots. 5. It's okay to smile. 6. Don't give up, keep trying for more. 7. Don't worry what others think. 8. Make sure you are happy. 9. Let people know you're doing a great job. 10. write down future shoots you are going to have.

These are all things any model should do starting out like me.

I'm working on my first movie. It doesn't have any voice parts but it is a starting point on my acting level, and it does pay fair. Nothing can pay too much! But it's not the money I'm excited about, I'm excited about knowing that my dreams are reality. Now I know it doesn't matter how many bad times in life you've had, no matter how many times you have been humiluated in life, it's all funny now, because the people that hurt you will maybe try to work on something for themselfs. I'm going to keep going, and keep smiling. I hope more people can beleive in me just as much!

Posted at 11:45 am by babie
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